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Pretty, Partnering & Paid

You’ve got this AMAZING empire built in your head and you are now ready to put it to action. Trust me I know because I’ve been there. Waking up in the middle of the night with so many thoughts running through your mind on how to build the best business possible. The thoughts hitting you from various angles and you’re now wondering “Where Do I Start First?”

Fortunate for me I was a business major in college and had the experience of leadership that helped me to begin my journey. Experience and education wasn’t always enough. Business coaching for me has gained me insight like never before and I want to add the missing piece to your puzzle.

Business coaching gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with a business partner who has lived your struggle, stood in their truth and made the mistakes so you don’t have to. I know how important it is to have a partner while going through the building phase because it actively involves you working and you shouldn’t feel alone while doing so. You have the ideas and I have the tools and techniques that is sure to help you build a strong & successful empire.

Let’s work together to bring out the HustlHer in you!

Business Coaching

Hustle Girl Hub…

Just like life isn’t easy, neither is entrepreneurship. Trust me I know from years of experience, fear and failures. Many go into entrepreneurship with the mindset of not needing a coach. Newsflash, they are WRONG and setting themselves up for failure. Even the best of THEE the best have a coach and so should you! Many of us adapt the mindset of wanting to make a million dollars with our first year of launching and that’s ok. But what’s not ok is not having a great coach and strategy by your side.

That’s why I’m here to help you plan out realistic goals, create a brand that represent you and help you conquer flaws along the way. I have dedicated myself to teaching entrepreneurs to think outside the box when it comes to building an empire and making their mark in the world.

While working with me we will become partners in building your empire. We will spend the next 90 days building your empire brick by brick to ensure you see the brand you desire and the revenue that match.

Have you ever…….

Written down your ideas and weren’t sure where to start?
Wrote a business plan and can’t seem to execute it?
Had a website designed but little to no traffic?
Exhausted all of your family and friends with getting business?
Overworked your social media account with very little results?

Then it’s time to hustle GIRL!

Ready, set, HUSTLE!! Beyonce has already told us that girls run the world, so it time to put in the work and make your mark girlfriend! Don’t be
the beautiful woman out there with a purse full of business cards, cute website and no clientele. You need a dedicated business coach that can help you put life & attraction in your business, empty your cute purse of business cards and build quality clientele that will help you build your empire. Imagine waking up every day loving every moment of the day, being in charge of your own schedule, building a brand that mirrors your dream, making money in your sleep and best of all being a girl that runs the world!

The Hustle Girl Program is not just another coaching program filled with talking, worksheets and sending you along the way. When we partner together we will take a full in-depth dive into getting the dream business you want. Each session is uniquely geared toward you and your personal goals. We will set realistic and attainable goals that will produce great results each time. We will work together to improve areas that your brand struggle.
Are you ready to take the 90 day challenge and be heard?!

What we exam during our 90 day session:

• Business Development
• What product/service you will offer
• Will this idea actually work
• Tools needed to make your business successful
• Target Market/Audience
• What an ideal client looks like for you
• Understanding what motivates your audience
• Keys to adding value convince customers to buy
• The value of your service
• Problem solving strategies
• Needs vs. Demands
• Marketing strategy/options
• Understanding business budgeting and finances
• Your launch campaign
• Branding 101
• Cost structuring and plans
• Elevator Pitch
• Understanding sales and cash flow

Watching your dream come to reality is one of the most rewarding things as an entrepreneur. Reward yourself by dreaming BIGGER, changing lives and living the life you deserve on your terms! 90 days of commitment will set you up for a lifetime of success. See ladies girls run the world and run it well.

Brain Dump Sessions

Let’s Brainstorm Together!

Not quite ready to commit to a private coaching session? Or perhaps you are just struggling with one issue in business and just need answers. This is the spot to where you can pick my brain and get real,quality answers.You pick your topic and I spend 90 minutes addressing your unanswere