I’ll let you in on a little secret of every successful entrepreneur you’ve ever read about online, seen in the media, or researched as a role model. They didn’t get where they are alone. Every single one of them took courses and hired coaches to educate and motivate themselves through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. 

Coaching helps turn dreamers into CEOs, athletes into pros, and creatives into award winners. Work with me as your coach will let you gain insight and lessons that I had to learn the hard way. I’ll be there to help you set realistic goals, craft a brand that represents you, and help you conquer your fears along the way. I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women get started on building the life they always dreamed of. 

We will spend the next 90 days building your empire brick by brick to ensure you create the brand you desire and the revenue that matches.



Written down your ideas and weren’t sure where to start?

Wrote a business plan but couldn’t seem to execute it?

Had a website designed but little to no traffic?

Exhausted all of your family and friends with getting business?

Overworked your social media account with very little results?



Ready, set, HUSTLE!! Beyonce already told us that girls run the world, so it’s time to go to work and make your mark girlfriend! Don’t be the beautiful woman out there with a purse full of business cards, a cute website, and zero clients

Imagine waking up every morning and loving every moment of the day, being in charge of your own schedule, building a brand that mirrors your dream, making money in your sleep and best of all being a girl that runs the world!


The Hustle & Be Heard program is not just another coaching program filled with talking, worksheets, and sending you out into the cold world alone. When we partner together we will take a full in-depth dive into getting the dream business you want. Each session is uniquely geared toward you and your personal goals. 

Sample Items Covered In Our 90 Day Session:

  • Business Development

  • What product/service you will offer

  • Will this idea actually work?

  • Tools needed to make your business successful

  • Target Market/Audience

  • Discover your dream client 

  • Understanding what motivates your audience

  • Keys to adding value and convincing customers to buy

  • The value of your service

  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Needs vs. Demands
  • Marketing strategy/options
  • Understanding business budgeting and finances
  • Your launch campaign
  • Branding 101
  • Cost structuring and plans
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Understanding sales and cash flow

In these 90 days you’ll set yourself up for success with an actionable plan to build a sustainable business you’ll fall in love with.

Let’s work those brains, beauty, and businesses ladies!


Value: $3,500

Pick My Brain


Not quite ready to commit to a private coaching session? Perhaps you are just struggling with one issue in business and just need answers? This service allows you to pick my brain and get real, quality answers. You pick the topic and I spend 90 minutes addressing your questions.


Value: $297

Group Coaching 


  • Evaluate Your Current Brand, Connect/Collaborate With Other Group Members
  • Access to 2 Weekend Group Coaching Intense 4hr Sessions
  • Brand Growth Strategy, Tools & Techniques
  • Business Must-Have Apps
  • New Business Boos

$997 (* Payment plans are available.)





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